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Making the Cut: Training to Be a Hairstylist

Posted April 18, 2016 in Career Advice, Career Choices
You may have heard this before: ‘get a job in the trades – that’s where the jobs are!’ And you might have been thinking, ‘wait – I don’t want to be a plumber or mechanic!’ While the stereotypical images tradespeople are those working in construction, automotive, and industrial fields, there are also service industry trades, such as chef, baker, or hairstylist
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How to Answer: “How Much Do You Want?”

Posted April 12, 2016 in Interviewing
Ask for too much and you might not get an offer; ask for too little and you could be kicking yourself for years. Under-negotiating your salary today has an impact on your lifetime earnings, because all future raises will be based on a lower starting point.
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Surviving and Thriving through that First Week at Your New Job

Posted April 04, 2016 in In the Workplace, Career Advice
You got the job! Congratulations! This is a huge accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself. Whether you’re starting your first job, or are changing jobs later in life, the first week will no doubt be an adjustment
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The benefits of working in the skilled trades

Posted March 15, 2016 in Career Advice, Career Choices
Whether you’re considering your first career, or are looking for a change, be careful not to dismiss the skilled trades too hastily, as there are a lot of benefits associated with these types of occupations. If you’d rather be working with your hands than sitting behind a desk in an office, training in a trade is probably your best bet.
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More than a handshake: How to nail that job interview

Posted March 08, 2016 in Interviewing
If you’re one of the lucky applicants, you will be invited to an interview, so the employer can meet you in person and evaluate you to see if you’re a good match not only for the position, but for the company.
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How to handle a gap in your resume

Posted February 26, 2016 in Resume & Cover Letters
People often take time off work. Either for personal or family reasons, or simply because it took quite a while to line up a new gig. It happens. Having spent some time not working doesn’t make you any less talented, qualified, or valuable on the job market
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