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Getting Out There: How to Effectively Network

Posted February 13, 2017 in Job Hunting, Career Advice
The 2017 job market is very competitive. An education, resume and cover letter aren’t always enough to truly represent you and what you have to offer. Today, networking plays a vital role for job seekers and career changers. Emailing your old university mentor once doesn’t really qualify as networking; you truly have to have a multi-faceted plan in order to stand out.
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The Pros and Cons of Working While in School

Posted September 06, 2016 in Career Advice, Career Choices
When it comes to working while in school, there’s no right or wrong way to go about it. What’s important is that you weigh the positives against the negatives to decide if it’s worth it for you
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How that Job at the Mall Can Pay off in the Long Run

Posted August 09, 2016 in Career Advice, Career Choices
Whether you work in the local mall, a big box store, or a downtown boutique, that retail job is more than just a means of making some cash, it also provides a lot of useful skills you can transfer to a wide variety of careers. Regardless of your education, age, or background, if you want to change careers, the lessons learned while working retail sales can be used in any number of future positions
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Overqualified and Unemployed: How to Re-Start your Career

Posted July 18, 2016 in Career Advice, Career Choices
Sometimes you can have a brilliant education and have a resume full of quality job experience, and still find yourself unemployed. Whether by choice or through circumstance, your previous career is no longer an option, and you find yourself once again having to navigate the difficult job market. Then it happens. You find a job posting that speaks to you. The job sounds awesome, with great hours and opportunities to grow and thrive in a new industry, but you might actually be overqualified for the position
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Enjoy Your Stay: Have a Long, Rewarding Career in Hotel and Hospitality

Posted June 07, 2016 in Career Advice, Career Choices
Do you consider yourself a people person? Do you enjoy organization? Do you want a career with tonnes of opportunities, a wide variety of tasks and duties, and the ability to grow and develop within a company? A career in hotel or hospitality might be for you.
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Making the Cut: Training to Be a Hairstylist

Posted April 18, 2016 in Career Advice, Career Choices
You may have heard this before: ‘get a job in the trades – that’s where the jobs are!’ And you might have been thinking, ‘wait – I don’t want to be a plumber or mechanic!’ While the stereotypical images tradespeople are those working in construction, automotive, and industrial fields, there are also service industry trades, such as chef, baker, or hairstylist
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