What Interviewers Notice about You that could cost a Job

Posted May 11, 2017 in Interviewing

By: IYN - Metroland Media

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If you think what you say in a job interview is the only thing that matters, guess again! According to survey results from Undercover Recruiter , there are a lot of things that could negatively impact your chances of getting hired that you might not even realize.


Body Language 

Let’s start with the non-verbal cues that tell an interviewer a lot about you. According to the survey, 21 per cent of people being interviewed play with their hair or touch their face. They also reported that 67 per cent of candidates made little to no eye contact, and 38 per cent didn’t smile. All of these are common signs of nervousness, which is understandable; however, when you’re feeling nervous be aware of these habits and try to overcome them.   

The survey also showed that 47 per cent of candidates seem to have little to no knowledge of the company their interviewer for. This is a common interview mistake; one that can easily be avoided if you do a bit of research before. 

With qualifications and body language taken into account, most hiring managers know within the first 90 seconds of an interview if they want to hire someone, so make those first couple minutes count! The average interview is 40 minutes in length, so be sure to put your best face forward.


First Impressions 

When you walk into an interview the manager, owner, or boss will be meeting you for the first time. Remember, your resume got you here, so they already know you’re worth meeting. First impressions matter, as only seven per cent has to do with what you actually say. However, how you say something does matter, as 38 per cent of the overall impression of you will relate to your spoken grammar and overall confidence. The thing that’s noticed the most is of course how you carry yourself when you walk in, and how you’re dressed; this makes up 55 per cent of how you’re judged right off the bat.



If there is one situation where looks and appearance matter, it’s a job interview. We’re not talking about levels of attractiveness, but professionalism and overall neatness. The survey results showed that bright colours are, in many interview situations, frowned upon. Many employers (70 per cent) said they weren’t looking for trendy or fashionable candidates. Many also said that clothing could be a deciding factor when choosing someone to hire (65 per cent).


Common Interview Mistakes 

The best way to avoid making mistakes is to prepare for the interview. There are plenty of common mistakes that candidates make; some without realizing these things are working against them! For example, some spend too much time explaining why they lost their last position. This tells the hiring manager that you’re not really over it. This is your employment baggage: leave it at the door. Employers also felt some candidates lacked humour, warmth, and personality. Remember, during the interview they’re trying to figure out if you’re a good fit for not only the position, but the company. They want you to set yourself apart from the other candidates, and show genuine interest in the job and the company.


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